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North Shore – Season 1
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1.01 – Pilot

(June 14, 2004) Directed by: Michael Dinner

Jason Matthews’ ex-lover Nicole Booth arrival as director of guest relations at The Grand Waimea spells trouble; they must show the hotel owner Vincent Colville, that their past romance will not affect their work. Gabriel is wrongfully accused of taking advantage of scorned 15-year-old flirt Veronica.

1.02 – Tessa

(June 21, 2004) Directed by: Patrick Norris

The Grand Waimea gains a new employee when Tessa Lewis is abandoned by her boyfriend and given a second chance by Jason, who offers her a job as a hotel maid. But Tessa has her sights on the concierge position. Meanwhile, Vincent struggles to impress one of his guests, when absurd requests are made. And MJ forces herself to think about her relationship with Chris.

1.03 – Surprise Party

(June 28, 2004) Directed by: James Marshall

Nicole is visited by wealthy friends from Manhattan, who throw a surprise birthday party in her honor, but things go wrong at the end.

1.04 – Meteor Shower

(July 5, 2004) Directed by: Craig Zisk

The Grand Waimeia must simultaneously accommodate groups of triathletes and astronomers on their 15th annual Spasky meteor shower visit. Gabriel accidentally damages ‘local’ Kurt’s water-scooter after another training ride with Frankie, who has to use all his influence as former classmate to make him accept payment of damages, but that’s $2,100 and a payment plan is refused, meanwhile Gabe is banned from the surfing beaches, Jason refuses a raise or advance- his desperate move is to take boisterous rock-star Damien Pruitt and his friends along for that price on the ‘ultimate aquatic kick’, an invention of his own, which alas proves too dangerous for the cocky amateur… Jason is down to learn a studly triathlete is no other then Nicole’s New York fiancé Morgan Holt, and he can’t find a single flaw in the charming chap, he even has to reassure him in his honest wedding gibbers. Because Nicole is unreachable, obsessed with wedding preparations, Tessa has to decide on her own, ordered by Vincent to keep the stargazers happy enough to stay although the weather forecast for the meteor night is cloudy, to offer Dr. Burtwhistle’s bunch on her own their stay is free if they can’t observe the shower…

1.05 – My Boyfriend’s Back

(July 12, 2004) Directed by: David Straiton

Vincent explains to Jason he’s spending $4,000,000 on publicity to fight off Walter Holt, whose son Morgan, Nicole’s fiancé, is in charge of take-overs; she denies to be in to any take over-plot and even maintains she didn’t know Jason worked at the Grand Waimea. Morgan gets serious… David Saltzman, whose firm presents a campaign to Jason, ignores warnings against sunburn at his peril, so his assistant Kate Spangler does the presentation… Tessa’s ex Roy, using the alias Austin, demands her help to rob a seduced guest’s jewels from her hotel safe. Tessa lies to Vincent, who already knows, about her past with Roy… Chris’s next hiking with MJ is on horse-back, but they get lost, stumble into an illegal marijuana field and are caught; the pot growers’ leader is MJ’s former classmate Kiki…

1.06 – Secret Service

(July 19, 2004) Directed by: David Grossman

The staff is at red alert now the US Vice-president is staying in the hotel, swarmed by Secret Service security, plus his teenage daughter Emily, who promptly pushes a journalist in the water for being her father’s ex-mistress. Jason is told to take a day off as the scene he witnesses could cause the hotel unspeakable trouble, so he joins Morgan Holt, who prepares his celebrity style-wedding with Nicole, tells Walter that Booth has ways to force Vincent to sell the hotel and proves pretty frisky in a night-club, for a groom. Gabriel was excited to find surf star Trey Chase in the water and even got invited to join him, but is told Chase was MJ’s first and inconsiderate lover, then Jason warns Gabe he can’t go on working as an unreliable life-guard. MJ is dumb enough to spend time with Trey again. When Emily sneaks out alone, Chris gives her a ride to join Gabe, who she appreciates as a healthy hunk, but embarrasses by entering a wet t-shirt-competition; when gentleman Gabe pulls her out, Jason has a hard time saving his employee’s boyish bacon, again…

1.07 – More

(July 19, 2004) Directed by: Michael Fresco

Nicole’s father, Walter, pays a surprise visit to the hotel but gets a surprise himself; Jason tries to forget about Nicole by getting closer to Tessa, who is working to help Walter take over the Grand Waimea. Meanwhile, Frankie meets a girl on the beach, but realizes that he is not the only man involved with her. He also could be putting his job and health at risk.

1.08 – Burned

(July 19, 2004) Directed by: Michael Fresco

Nicole needs cheering up after leaving her fiance at the altar; Jason thinks Nicole left Morgan for him and tries to explain why he spent the night with Tessa. Meanwhile, Gabriel’s luck seems to be changing when he befriends pro-surfer Trey Chase, who has invited him to an all-expenses-paid surfing trip to Tahiti. However, Trey’s friendship comes at a price when Gabriel realizes that Trey is MJ’s cheating ex-boyfriend who isn’t ready to give up on his failed romance with her.

1.09 – Burned

(September 6, 2004) Directed by: Patrick Norris

Jason resolves to ferret the truth about the fire at his father’s surf shop; a past rivalry between Walter and Vincent leads to a startling revelation; MJ is on a mission to win Chris back as Gabriel meets the girl of his dreams.

1.10 – Vice

(September 13, 2004) Directed by: Kenneth Biller

The opening of Frankie’s night lounge is a raging success, yet M.J. hosting her mate Chris, homeless by her doing, makes Frankie grumpy. After clubbing Gabe wakes up in angel heaven, sandwiched between the pair of foxy surfer girls, Charlie and her lesbian partner Erica, but now his straight guy dream became reality really just wants Charlie. Nicole gets dad Booth drunk so she can copy Walter’s private PC files, then is caught in bed with Jason, who warns Walter attacking his father Sam was a major fault. Tessa smells Nicole’s expensive perfume on Jason’s suit; a black car runs him off the road while jogging above a cliff. Police Detective Ishimura gets Vincent to order Frankie full cooperation to entrap reputed prostitution madam Lacey Riggs. When Keone finally decodes Walter’s files, the only oddity is a bed&breakfast he owns on Hawaii, but that is a false track he planted himself…

1.11 – Alexandra

(September 20, 2004) Directed by: Steve Miner

Vincent is near despair when he learns one of his two remaining private investors even Jason didn’t know about sold his half of the Grand Waimea shares to Walter Booth, who tells Frankie heads will roll after his take-over, only the club is doing too well to estrange. The name of the second investor is also sold by the same traitor, suspects being Nicole and Tessa. Alexandra Hudson reveals first to Walter, then to Nicole, she’s the illegitimate, discretely kept daughter of Booth’s former secretary Jill, who only told her shortly before her recent death, claiming to want only her real family, but with a secret agenda, including tipping off Nicole his story about her mother’s death is staged… Chris is delighted when M.J. invites him to help house-sit a luxurious beach-house for a friend of her mother, but feminine decorative despotism soon spoils the frisky mood… Gabriel’s pulling out of the threesome with the lesbians puts all three bilateral relationships are under dangerous strain…

1.12 – Bellport

(September 27, 2004) Directed by: Patrick Norris

Alexandra tries to get to know her father while helping Nicole learn about her mother’s disappearance. MJ worries when Chris disappears with a client. Gabriel and Erika get used to being just friends after Charlie breaks up with them both.

1.13 – Leverage

(November 4, 2004) Directed by: Elodie Keene

M.J.’s worries increase when Lindsay’s husband, radio talk-show couples counselor Dr. Clayton Kellogg, from the same part of Chicago as Chris, tells her he had marital problems with Chris’s client, whose real first name is actually Melinda: she’s the fiancée he left there. In fact she made her startled ex drive the jeep fatally off the road on the volcano flank by suddenly sliding her horny hand in his shorts, having caused their break-up by sleeping with his best friend. He hurts his knee in a mud slide. Both Kelloggs play dirty to get to sleep with the true lovers… Vincent tells Jason and Nicole -who is pestered by her new boss Tessa- to stay on under Alexandra to keep the Grand Waimea afloat till he hopefully can get majority control back. Both new bosses play seductress games on Jason and Frankie. Tessa gets Nicole fired, but Jason has the whole loyal staff strike… When Erica tells Gabe Charlie has left the island, with all their possessions, he tries to spare her returning to her disapproving Californian parents by finding her a waitress job. She runs off on her first day, so he is pulled out of a pro surfing tournament he was finally acing to fill in for her, she has a memorable explanation…

1.14 – Illusions

(November 11, 2004) Directed by: George Mendeluk

Clayton threatens to expose a secret about him and MJ. Alexandra resorts to blackmail. MJ has big decisions to make about her relationship with Chris. Hotel politics rise and Vincent almost loses everything at high-stakes poker, leading him into a new business with a Chinese woman named Xao Ling.

1.15 – The Big One

(November 18, 2004) Directed by: Patrick Norris

Billionaire Dan Ralston stays at the Grand Waimea, solely to offer photogenic Gabe a sponsorship deal from his firm Surfrider Times, provided he wins the next day the Waikiki Pro-Am tournament. Thanks to Chris’s pep-talk Gabe tries and wins, but the next condition is: stay available, so no Newport Beach trip to claims his paternal role… Alexandra fears she may have to report to Booth’s HQ a 30% profits drop, so she starts examining everything. Even Chris’s cabin rent is made conditional on reactivating his adventure tours within days, despite his terrible knee. M.J. may keep a $30,000 diamond bracelet nobody claimed in 6 months. Jason and Tessa are ordered to attend a society party, which turns out alcohol-free as a freak environment donation, and take their lover Nicole and Tessa along. Jason and Tessa mysteriously kiss in the supply room, and Nicole senses something…

1.16 – The Cook, the Waitress, the GM and His Lover

(December 2, 2004) Directed by: Kenneth Biller

Alexandra is determined to do business with Dan Ralston, but he wouldn’t even talk to her till she promises a private dinner on her yacht prepared by famous New York chef Tommy Ravetto, who has checked in after giving up cooking ‘for Philistines’ but accepts if Nicole, who considers him arrogant but interesting, assists him. When Ralston still won’t do a deal, she drugs him for a staged blackmail photo-shoot… Gabe is miserable because Ralston invokes his pro surfing contract to make the cute hunk model his sportswear line for hours he wants to train. Alexandra has news for him… Now Mary Jane’s bracelet gets high enough Internet bids to start her own boutique for which Jason found a perfect site, her pa Jack Bevans turns up, released early for good behavior during his manslaughter sentence. Chris refuses to lead Alexandra’s adventure project, and intends to accept a mate’s job offer on the big island. Jack’s exit is even worse… Tessa has moved in with MJ and jumps willing Frankie’s bones. Vincent advises Jason to propose to Nicole, now she makes a drama of him mumbling drunk ‘I love you Tessa’; she ‘isn’t ready’… Vincent gets roughed up after his Hongkong trip, being involved in the lucrative Asian art and antiques business…

1.17 – Sucker Punch

(December 9, 2004) Directed by: Perry Lang

Nicole tells Frankie about Jason’s slip of the tongue, as he confronts Jason his anger gets the best of him. Jason does everything to prevent his land being bought and finds out that Vincent’s “antique” business isn’t legitimate. Gabriel hits a surf competition under the Grand Waimea logo and doesn’t know that Alexandra made plans to make him win. Chris trains a gay boxer.

1.18 – Catwalk

(December 16, 2004) Directed by: Michael Fresco

At Christmas time, jet-set designer Adrian Webber has chosen the Grand Waimea to show his collection in the Hawaian sun instead of wintry New York. Alexandra orders Gabe to attend wearing Gucci; he asks M.J. along who chose for a break with Chris, yet when she sees him as Alexandra’s date on command M.J. gives job notice and gets drunk… Jason’s apologies aren’t enough for Frankie, but Tessa tells him they may not be ready for exclusiveness. When Webber’s top model Natalia Ross breaks a leg, Tessa is ordered to talk him out of canceling- he decides to demand her as ‘regular girl’ main model, but obviously also wants to ‘enjoy’ her intimately and offers a professional modeling contract as his new top model… Jason tells Vincent his second father can be no counterfeit crook, his Hongkong partner’s gorilla Taka insists he can’t quit anymore… Humbler models are delighted to see Tommy, so they can lick his diet chocolate mousse from each-others bodies again, but when Nicole’s car breaks down near bikers bar The Viking, Tommy goes pick her up…

1.19 – Shark

(January 6, 2005) Directed by: Alan Myerson

Frankie takes Tessa to a family feast where Frankie’s cousin Marvin recognizes her. Tommy and Nicole clash after Nicole asked Tommy to change the menu. Jason learns that Vincent’s drug running is to be busted. Chris accidentally leaves a diver in the water, who threatens to sue the hotel. Chris believes it’s a scam.

1.20 – The Ex-Games

(January 13, 2005) Directed by: Fred Gerber

After the gang comes up with Jason’s bail money, the police ask him to help them implicate Vincent for his drug running operation, or they will nail Jason instead. Jason refuses to cooperate, until he figures out (too late) that Vincent may have lied to him about wanting out of the drug business. Meanwhile, Nicole has to struggle with her heart. Also, MJ shows an unknown talent with music composing, while Frankie has to deal with betrayal when the scheming Alexandra plots to use him and Tessa to take over the nightclub for herself.

1.21 – The End

(January 13, 2005)

Vincent’s situation is resolved along with the relationships of many people from Grand Waimea. Gabriel has to choose between a sponsorship or a girl. MJ and Chris got back together and MJ gets into a music career. Frankie decides to start a new club after finding out about Tessa being setup by Alex. Vincent tries to make things straight with the police by giving away his partner, Xao Ling, to the police. Jason and Nicole get married. Vincent gives his share of the hotel as a wedding gift. As Jason ignites the car, it explodes.